Sunday, July 3, 2011

Genesis of my life: Trials & Tribulations

I’m the first grandson of the first son and was named after my grampa and my papa. I detest my name but I love my nickname. My parents christened me with a unique nickname they called me j-3 but my mama called me jet, which I also like.

I was born on the 24th October at exactly 10:15 in the morning. My mom told me there’s a marching band playing when I was born; the reason behind this is there is a nearby school in the hospital where I was born. The school is celebrating United Nations day. My mom also told me that I was born 10 months after my conception; she believed that I was conceived during my parents honeymoon. 

My papa is a son of a retired US Navy and my mom is a daughter of an Aglipayan priest. When I was born my parents lived with my papa’s parents together with my 3 aunts and 1 uncle. Both of my parents worked in the metro. My mama told me my grandparents and aunts spoiled me. She also told me that my grandparents proposed to adopt me because they want to avail the allowance that the US government gives to retired navy’s underage family but my father and uncle opposed this idea. My father opposed this idea because he doesn't want his son to be his brother while my uncle’s reasoning is pure jealousy. 

First hint 

I was spoiled rotten until I was 4 years old, when my sister was born. My mom stopped working because of difficult pregnancy and my papa worked in the metro. My gramma’s treatment changed. She became jealous with my mama. While my mama was having a hard time with my gramma, I am playing with our house help’s son I remember back then that we played with our penises. One day my papa caught us in a compromising position, my friend was on top of me and was humping me, and since that incident I never saw my friend again. I can’t remember if I was punished. 

I was a lonely child; I had lots of toys but no one to play with until the daughter of my nanny arrived. We played a lot, we always pretend that I’m a girl she licks her fingers and applied her spit in my lips, pretending it was a lipstick and we also use bed sheets as a lady’s dress. I think my father saw us and he threatened to hang me upside down if I do not act like a man. 


As the signs of my sexual orientation flourish, my mama’s relationship with my gramma worsened. My mom told me that she was cursed from head to foot and maltreated by my gramma and she can’t fight back because she was taught to be better than that, instead of fighting back she cried a lot. 

When my sister was born, I was jealous of her. I remember the times that I bite her feet and made her cry. I was so jealous that I never noticed that my gramma and mama‘s relationship has deteriorated a lot. Because of grammas lunacy, she kicked us out in their house. I recon it was dawn - very early in the morning, it was till dark, when someone woke me up. I remember my aunts and uncle shouting at my parents and throwing insults. I also remember that my gramma has a big knife pointing at us. My sister was only a year old and I was 5 back then, it was a very traumatic experience and I will never forget those vile hateful words they said towards my family. Wounds heal but it always leaves scars. I forgive them but I’ll never forget. 

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