Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It was my interview for my first job. I passed my initial interview and the next step is another interview with the section head. It was a very nerve racking experience, at first she asked me a lot of questions regarding my past works and my certificates. I answered her honestly and candidly. I know that my interview is going well until she asked me a very personal question. She asked me about my sexual “preference”. I was shocked, a lot of things run in my head, like am I that obvious? Do I act gay? Will my sexual orientation affect my chance to clinch the job? There are a lot of jumbled questions and emotions that I was experiencing that time. I was afraid but I’ve thrown all cautions to the wind and I answered ‘Yes, I’m gay’ - this is my first time to admit my sexual orientation with defiance and with pride. I just outed myself to a complete stranger, not just a stranger but also my future employer. (Have I mentioned that the institution is run by a religious order?) My fears were unfounded because she told me that my preference will not affect my chance to work with them but she cautioned me about some legal things that I might encounter if ever I’m going to act inappropriately with our clients (as if I'm going to do that, I love my job and I will not besmirched my reputation just to have a little quickie with a cute patient). After my shocking interview she told me to wait for a while.

When her assistant called me, she asked if my interview went well I answered ‘ I hope so’. She told me that I did ok and I’m going to start training for 3 months (please note that I’m not going to receive anything for 3 months, which means no food or transportation allowance). The assistant told me that the physiatrist told her about my sexual orientation. Again I was flabbergasted, I did not expect for the physiatrist to announce my sexuality to my future co-workers. I felt violated but can’t do anything about my situation. For me coming out is a very private matter. It involves a great trust between to people. It’s like giving a piece of my soul to the recipient of my trust. I was not prepared for the result of my impromptu coming out, but what can I do but accept my situation.

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