Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lofty Goals!

Today I'm going to dream BIG!

To realize this dream I will stop my unending ruminations and start working constructively. This post is going to be my roadmap to success.

10 years from now I will own a company that will help institutions achieve top notch occupational health and safety standards.

To finance this dream I need to work abroad and here's my goal for this year
  • 1st quarter - Take the TOEFL ibt, It will be a challenge for me to achieve the score of 24. The last time I took the exam I got 23/30 in speaking and 28/30 in the written part. I'm so ashamed of this score but I need to move on. I will swallow my pride and look for a tutor (any recommendations? I just hope that the cost is economical). Target examination date is March 24, 2012
    • Start gathering information about credentialing and agencies
  • 2nd quarter - while waiting for the result, enroll to a nearby school to earn the units I needed for credentialling.
    • File my credentials before my parents go back to US
  • 3rd quarter - Review center for State Boards. Target State is Texas. 
  • 4th quarter - Pass the state boards.
2013 to 2015 I will start working in Houston, Texas
  • Earn and save money (GOAL is to at least earn quarter a million dollar before the end of 2015 - is this realistic? Yes but I need 2 jobs for this lofty goal)
  • Get CME units for my future plans
  • celebrate every Thanksgiving & Christmas in California with my family
  • celebrate New year in Times square with my college classmates based in NY
  • Travel the Americas
    • Mardi Gras in Brazil
    • Macchu Picchu in Peru - I've been dreaming of visiting this ever since High School
2016 - 2020 Change work from Hospital based to Company based
  • Earn and save money (Target is a million dollar)
  • Gain more experience 
  • start my business plan
  • networking
  • start my dream house by 2017
  • Travel to Europe with my parents
    • Sagrada Familia in Spain
    • Castles, Lochs and Stonehenge in UK anScotland
    • Louvre in France
    • Beaches in the Mediterranean
    • October Fest in Germany
2021 - Back to the Philippines to start my business
  • q1 - logistics and train 3 personnel to help with assessment and evaluations
  • q2 - acquire clients
  • q3 - work work work
2022 - Achieve ROI

I believe that all of these dreams and goals are achievable. Everything is possible.

Today, February 1, 2012 is the start of me achieving, imbibing and living these dreams.