Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lofty Goals!

Today I'm going to dream BIG!

To realize this dream I will stop my unending ruminations and start working constructively. This post is going to be my roadmap to success.

10 years from now I will own a company that will help institutions achieve top notch occupational health and safety standards.

To finance this dream I need to work abroad and here's my goal for this year
  • 1st quarter - Take the TOEFL ibt, It will be a challenge for me to achieve the score of 24. The last time I took the exam I got 23/30 in speaking and 28/30 in the written part. I'm so ashamed of this score but I need to move on. I will swallow my pride and look for a tutor (any recommendations? I just hope that the cost is economical). Target examination date is March 24, 2012
    • Start gathering information about credentialing and agencies
  • 2nd quarter - while waiting for the result, enroll to a nearby school to earn the units I needed for credentialling.
    • File my credentials before my parents go back to US
  • 3rd quarter - Review center for State Boards. Target State is Texas. 
  • 4th quarter - Pass the state boards.
2013 to 2015 I will start working in Houston, Texas
  • Earn and save money (GOAL is to at least earn quarter a million dollar before the end of 2015 - is this realistic? Yes but I need 2 jobs for this lofty goal)
  • Get CME units for my future plans
  • celebrate every Thanksgiving & Christmas in California with my family
  • celebrate New year in Times square with my college classmates based in NY
  • Travel the Americas
    • Mardi Gras in Brazil
    • Macchu Picchu in Peru - I've been dreaming of visiting this ever since High School
2016 - 2020 Change work from Hospital based to Company based
  • Earn and save money (Target is a million dollar)
  • Gain more experience 
  • start my business plan
  • networking
  • start my dream house by 2017
  • Travel to Europe with my parents
    • Sagrada Familia in Spain
    • Castles, Lochs and Stonehenge in UK anScotland
    • Louvre in France
    • Beaches in the Mediterranean
    • October Fest in Germany
2021 - Back to the Philippines to start my business
  • q1 - logistics and train 3 personnel to help with assessment and evaluations
  • q2 - acquire clients
  • q3 - work work work
2022 - Achieve ROI

I believe that all of these dreams and goals are achievable. Everything is possible.

Today, February 1, 2012 is the start of me achieving, imbibing and living these dreams.


  1. Ah I envy you Jetlander for being able to lay down a decade long roadmap. I can't seem to accomplish that these days with all the hazy things happening in my career.

    Keep it up!

    Hmmm by the way, are you part of a hospital's quality management team?

    1. Yes, I'm a certified ISO Auditor though that's not my full time job :)

  2. HOPE I COULD HELP YOU a former ielts/toefl prof :) send me an email at and i can forward a copy of my exams for my students before :P

    1. Hi iMP! Thank you for offering your help! kilala kita hahahaha

  3. basta wag lang maging control freak ah

    1. Hi Shen, I can't promise to do that, I'm a control freak, slight lang naman hahaha

  4. Hindi lofty goals yan. Ang tawag dyan ay things to do. Just keep in mind na sila talaga ang destiny mo. Galing-galing!

    1. Hi Jake! Thank you :) I am destined for greatness! Affirmation is good right? ;)

  5. thanks for following...
    what can i say...
    oh, I'll just say it to HIM.
    God bless on your plans.
    having that documented, you have a proof to make it materialize.

    1. hi Von! That's why I posted my goals, I want my goals to be tangible

  6. Wow. Long term plans. SOmething I cannot do at all. Haha. Good for you and I wish you all the best! :)

  7. I think we're colleagues. I'll be taking the TOEFL exam this March too. We both have the same goals for this year. Hope we both achieve our dreams. See you in Cali in 2013 :D

  8. wow, very detailed.
    really - every wish starts with a plan. with a detailed plan like yours, most like your goals will be attained.

    impressive =)

  9. great goals! you've written it down and it's definitely going to happen.