Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Je suis très désolé pour l'update plus tard!

I am very sorry for the late update. It's not because I'm super busy with my schedule, it's because life is kicking my butt.

So what's the reason why I started posting again?

It's because of him...

I was inspired to write again.

I first met him last year when he was rotated in my department. I have a coordinator who supervises the underlings but every time there was an opportunity to be close to him I always grab it, like being the panel in their journal report and projects. He's smart and good looking, even he's "sungki" is adorable. But even if I have a gargantuan crush on him, I never crossed the line. Not because he's straight but because I don't want to ruin my reputation. 

It's been 2 months since I last saw him and I still have this butterflies inside my tummy every time I see his pictures. 

You never fail to inspire me Marco.

I hope our paths will cross again (hopefully not in my workplace...)

Je t'adore...

Marco reminds me of my only singer crush Kris Allen, they are both on the vertically challenged side but that doesn't matter because both have an adorable face and a drool worthy physique!

I'm very much infatuated with Marco and Kris Allen. 


  1. Welcome back! :)

    btw, have you seen my post regarding versatile blogger award? I think you should see it ;)

    1. Hi Shen! I just read your post, thank you for the inclusion :)

  2. Hi Justin! Really? Small world :)