Sunday, October 23, 2011


Last Friday I know that my colleagues prepared something for me, a surprise hatch day celebration.

I don't wanna ruin their efforts so I acted what they want me to act.

I should feel something... happy,

but I don't feel happy,

I feel hollow

I don't feel sad or happy...

From a psychiatrist point of view, this is a sign of clinical depression...

But I know I am not depress, I'm just built this way.

Every time October comes, I feel this way.

Can't wait fir this month to be over...

I just need to fake it until it's over...

Monday, October 10, 2011


Habang ang mga tao ay nanunuod nito...

Ako'y nakikipag rubbing elbows sa mga shala sa RCBC Plaza dahil dito...

The first time na nakapanuod ako ng musical sa RCBC Plaza ay noong ipinalabas ang ZsaZsa Zaturnah.

Ngayon social climbing mode nanaman ako. This event is organized by a group of Psychiatrists from MMC. Di po ako patient, plus 1 ako ng isang kaibigan. (defensive ba?)

This Pulitzer Prize & Tony Award - winning musical about a dysfunctional family trying to survive each day is carried by a strong and engaging cast of characters.

A bipolar mother, a resentful daughter, a mysterious son and a father that tries to hold this family together.

The bipolar mother, Diana is played by Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo, she gave a powerful performance and made the audience laugh and cry.

Jett Pangan played Dan, the father who has beautiful character development that goes from a man trying to be strong enough to hold his family to a broken grieving father.

Gabe, the son is played by Felix Herrera - he seduce you with his charm - lalo na sa shirtless scene ;) - naging  earworm sa akin ang song niyang "I'm Alive," --- wala akong makitang picture niya :(

Bea Garcia as the daughter Natalie, has a clear beautiful voice. She grabbed my attention when she sang "The Invisible Girl", naka relate ako.

Siempre di ko makakalimutan si Markki Stroem ang pothead na love interest ni Natalie.

Drs. Fine and Madden is played by Jake Macapagal. The scene where the Dr became a rock star during Diana's hallucination is so hilarious.

The cast are so good that you can feel raw emotions through their songs.

Being normal is overrated.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oplan Bawas Timbang

I was watching Franklin & Bash yesterday and I was struck by the line by Peter Bash "this is my temple" while pointing at his physique.

This year I became lackadaisical with my health and physique and as expected I gained 10 pounds of fat and not so good cholesterol level.

It's very hard to avoid fried food and meat because I rarely eat vegetables.

Last week, inulanan ako ng pangungutya when a friend uploaded some old pictures in FB (2 year old pictures).

Back then, small size pa ang shirt ko and I buy clothes sa teen section.

Ngayon medium size na ako, di na makabili sa teen section ng mall at kahugis ko na daw ang fez nito..

Ang lapad na daw ng fez ko at di na ako kahalihalina katulad ng dati.

I know I need to improve my diet and be more consistent with my exercise regimen.

Seeing those pictures and hearing those comments strengthened my resolve to eat right and to be vigilant with my exercise.

Last Monday I weigh 153 lb.

I'm 5'7 and the ideal weight for my height is 145 lb (though my BMI is still within normal limit). 

5 days ago I started my new eating habit and cardio exercise and I'm quite happy with the results. My goal for this week is to burn 1000 calories. I know this is minuscule, I don't wanna strain myself too much.

I achieved this weeks goal, tumakbo ako ng approximately 8 miles (2 miles a day) and nakapag burn ako ng 1106 calories.  Nabawasan din ang weight ko ng 3 lb.

Next week goal is to burn 1500 calories, to run 10 miles and to include weight training - thank heavens my multi gym kami sa work, gyms are too expensive for me.

Guys suggest naman kayo ng weight training regimen. Below is a picture of our multi-gym;

Nagpapasalamat na ako ng advance sa mga tutulong =>  ibibigay ko ang aking puri sa mga tutulong sa akin na ma achieve ang ideal weight ko. CHAR!

For home exercise naman, saan kaya ako pwedeng makabili ng equipmernts ng gaya ng nasa video...

Award di ba? I like the shaker thing, nakaka... =>


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Childhood Melody

When I was a little boy, I am required to accompany my parents to the town ba-ile (dance) and the orchestra always play this song. The memory of the full moon casting it's ethereal glow to my dancing parents in our town plaza is embedded to my psyche. 

Naraniag a Bulan

O naraniag a bulan

Un-unnoyko’t indengam
Dayta nasellag a silaw mo
Dika kad ipaidam
O naraniag a bulan
Sangsangitko indengam
Toy nasipnget a lubongko
Inka kad silawan
Tapno diak mayaw-awan
No inka nanglipaten
Karim kaniak naumagen
Samsam-itek ni patay
O bulan ket aklunem
Nanglaylay toy ayatkon
Inka kadi palasbangem
Un-unnoyko, danasem nga ikeddeng

Ilocano novelty song