Thursday, August 4, 2011


So far the toxicity level of my job is at its peak.

Last Monday an emergency meeting was held because the admin wants to change our management system. As part of middle management I was tasked to compile a list of all our stocks and services. I also need to review our price list and compare them to our nearby competitors. 

Person's with disability and senior citizen discount is killing our business.


Most of my staff are in retreat for 4 weeks.

I'm multitasking.

Acting as a secretary, a supervisor and a therapist. I'm at my wits end.

Yesterday I talked to one of my staff about his performance. Basically, I told him that he sucks and he needs to pack his things and find another job. Sad story and water works starts. But I made up my mind and my decision is final.

My staff evaluated him a few weeks ago and they want him to have a second chance. I gave him a second chance but he failed. The last 3 weeks are filled with complaints and incident reports. I reached my limit, I need to disinfect my department of incompetent fools.


We need more manpower but nobody is applying for the job due to disproportionate salary and job description. Newly grad prefer to work in call center than to practice their profession.  

Earlier today, my patience snapped due to my very tardy secretary! Working hour is 7:30 and she came to work at 10:30. My gulay! She's been coming late for eons and I talked to her a million times but still I can't fire her because of the "Union".

I'm supposed to be a supervisor but most of the time I'm the secretary and it sucks!

Patience is definitely not my virtue.

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