Friday, August 19, 2011

Giggle! Kilig!

I have this "thing" about silver foxes.

My penultimate silver fox crush is him...

Yes,  Anderson Copper.

Maybe I have daddy issues....

Here's a clip of Anderson giggling...

Isn't he cute?

So precious!

So sweet!

So yummy!

Anyway, this afternoon, a silver haired Anderson Cooper look alike co-worker asked me...

"Jet, paki kabit naman ito..."

How can I refuse...

The puppy dog eyes...

The sweet/hurt/shy smile (may ganun talaga!)

My gulay, just thinking about the event (Yes event!),

I feel butterflies in my tummy!

To cut the story short...

 I held his finger and

help him put a band aid on his wounded finger.

I wanna blow his wounded finger but we're in front of the secretary, baka ma eskandalo :)

Silver hair is in his mid forties, but damn he's HOT!

If he ask me to bend and expose my sweet tush, I'll do it in a heartbeat!

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