Saturday, April 30, 2016

Here I am

Dear Moi,

A lot of things happened since my last post.

My dad died and I was not in his deathbed which was 7,292 miles away from where I am. I went there to pay my respects. I choked up during my eulogy but until now I never cried a single drop of tear. 

When I went back to my workplace, I was promoted from Middle manager to a heartbeat closer to Top Management. 

I traveled East Asia, Southeast Asia and North America. 

Lessen my volunteer work at Love Yourself as counselor but the things I learned is still being practiced by the hospital I'm affiliated with.

I am now more Catholic - hears mass, attend basic ecclesial community, organize lenten/advent recollection. spearheaded the employee retreat and attend continuing spiritual formation. Despite all of this,

This year, I finally received the Top award given to employees after 5 years of being nominated.

I'm still gay, happy and more accepting of who I am.

Love life?

I ended an 8 year monogamous relationship 2 years ago.

I'm still single and actively looking for the one with the help of tinder hahahaha


What caused the fear of being alone may not be the aloneness itself, but the judging eyes of people. You fear other people would think of you as being awkward and friendless... UNDESIRABLE.


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    1. Hi Victor! Thank you for reading and caring. I'm doing good, a little bit light headed and tired but good :)