Thursday, January 12, 2012

Captivating Sight!

We first met a couple of months ago, during a workshop somewhere in Manila. The workshop constitute of 18 individuals from different walks of life. The common denominator is, we are all gay and we want to help.

At first, I was not that captivated with him but last weekend was a revelation.

Please note that my relationship status is a common knowledge in our group and I behaved demurely during the workshop and the whole weekend. 'di ako malandi, nasa loob lang ang kulo ;) 

I was late for our workshop. He was in the opposite side of our circle and sitting with the group that is secretly enamored with him. At first I was disappointed because I'm not seated with their group, but the universe was conspiring with me because we were randomly partnered for the workshop and he was also my "dorm mate" for the weekend. 

J is about 5'7 and weights approximately 125 to 130 lb, fair skinned with no visible pock marks. Hairstyle is clean cut (he claimed that he cut his hair with the help of his mom). He's physique is like a runner - lean and wiry (redundant!).

The feature that made me awestruck is his pert glutes. I was thunderstruck when I saw his gray clad buttocks after our shower together (Yup I need to write that down, twas a surreal experience - we're talking about the characteristics of men that we want to date while lathering our sinewy bodies - my first time). I was not expecting a glorious sight because he's skinny, but heavens! those gluteals are so gloriously shaped. Those muscular globes conjures volumes of lusty thoughts. Words is not enough to describe his magnificent ass. It's almost like this...

 image from google

but lovelier and perkier ;)

J is a perfect specimen of a Chinese twink, lean, cute and nerdy ( I admire guys with spectacles!) , a deadly combination.  

Can't wait to see him again ;)


  1. sana napicture-an mo ang pwet ni kuya! :)

  2. cant relate dont have fetish sa behind eh.. hehe!

    i really dont understand kung anung meron jan at nagugustuhan ng ibang tao

  3. thanks for following.. hmm.. byahero karin pala at mahilig sa tsoko.. hope to see you some other time..

  4. teka lamang. may sinalihan din akong workshop/training sa manila.

    "The workshop constitute of 18 individuals from different walks of life. The common denominator is, we are all gay and we want to help."

    at pasok na pasok sa description na yan yung sinalihan ko. magkakilala ba tayo? haha.

  5. Hi shen! I don't know why I'm enamored with people's behind ;)

    Hi Jinji :)

    Hi Daniel! he's not the drop dead gorgeous type, swabe lang :)

    Hi Jap! your guess is as good as mine ;)

  6. teka lemeng..kilala rin kita siguro kasi kasama ko si jap sa seminar na yun ah...teka..sinetch itetchiwa..ilan lang naman kaming mga naging late ah...!

  7. Hi iMP! same comment with jap, your guess is as good as mine :)

    Hi Spiral! I love that group of muscles, gluteus maximus, medius and minimus :)

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