Monday, November 7, 2011


I am changing.

My metamorphosis started when I drastically changed my diet and exercise habit.

That was first week of October and my goal was to achieve my former weight of 144 lb.

I was 155 lb when I started my "lemon diet".

But instead of using the pictured ingredients (above) for lemon diet, I used calamansi extract, cayenne pepper and organic honey. My ingredients are more economical and it's available in a nearby puregold grocery.

The lemon or Calamansi's purpose is to cleanse our body with toxins, the honey will provide the needed nutrients and the dash of pepper will help curve your appetite.

Here's my procedure in mixing this concoction;
1. Mix 2 teaspoons of honey (I used palawan honey) with a lukewarm water (500 ml)
2. Squeeze 4 pieces of calamansi or 1 whole lemon.
3. Put a dash of cayenne pepper (I used mccormick - dalawang tak-tak lang because this is too spicy)
4. Drink the concoction immediately. You don't want the lemon or calamansi extract to oxidize because it will lose it's potency. Scientific literature's claims that oxidation process starts immediately after slicing the lemon/calamansi and the author of this diet advised to drink the concoction not more than 10 seconds after preparation.

The effect is you'll be using the loo an hour after ingesting this concoction.

Together with aerobic exercise, I ran 30 minutes a day, losing 1000+ calories the first week, 1500+ calories the second week and 2000 calories for the third week using the office treadmill (rainy days) and running from my place to CCP (that's approximately 8 miles) on clear days.

healthy diet - a cup of rice or any carbs a day with 1 fruit and 1 serving of viand.

and the concoction, I lose 10 lb in 3 weeks.

Currently, I'm maintaining my weight by eating healthy and regular exercise.

This is the reason why I changed my profile pic from this,

Chrolli of Verbotene Liebe (this another story)

To this,
 my new/old physique, taken in Coron, Palawan (Camera shy talaga ako hehehe)

I regained my physique 2 weeks ago and the next stage of my transformation came this weekend and it's about my negative self image

That's another story to tell...

Beso beso


  1. wow congrats jet! all the discipline in dieting and exercising is paying off. good job! :)

  2. Hi MC! Talikogenic ako, pag frontal yan, makikita mo ang aking ab without "s" kasi isa lang sya :)

  3. i wanna try this one.pero not now. sa new year's resolution ko na lang siya isasama. madaming food kasi pag december haha. thanks for sharing. =]

  4. Hi Keso! I highly recommend this concoction, it's very effective :)

  5. you have a good body feature though